You Should Turn Your Dissertation or Thesis into a Published Book


For many graduate students, completing a dissertation or thesis can feel like the culmination of years of hard work and research. However, once the work is complete, few students consider the possibility of turning their dissertation or thesis into a published book. There are many benefits to pursuing publication, both personal and professional.

In this article, we will explore some of the key motivations for transforming a dissertation or thesis into a book and what you can gain by doing so.

  1. A published book allows you to share your research with a broader audience than your academic advisors and committee members. A book can reach scholars in your field from around the world, fellow researchers, and members of the public interested in your topic. This can result in a significant increase in visibility for your work, leading to new opportunities for collaboration, feedback, and recognition.
  2. A publication can be a valuable addition to your professional credentials. A book can demonstrate your expertise and commitment to a specific field, making you more attractive to potential employers and collaborators. This can be especially important for academic careers, where published works are often required for tenure and promotion. Also, publishing a book can help you establish a reputation as an authority in your field, leading to invitations to conferences, speaking engagements, and other opportunities.
  3. A published book can be an effective way to extend the impact of your research beyond the academic world. By presenting your findings in a way that is accessible to a broader audience, you can attract new readers and contribute to public discourse on your topic. This can be especially important for research addressing public concerns, such as social inequality, environmental sustainability, or public health.
  4. Publishing a book can be a source of personal satisfaction and achievement. Transforming your dissertation or thesis into a book requires significant work, including additional research, editing, and revision. Seeing your hard work come to fruition can be immensely rewarding and provide closure to your graduate studies. In conclusion, turning your dissertation or thesis into a published book can provide numerous benefits, ranging from increased visibility and professional opportunities to personal satisfaction and achievement. Transforming your work into a book can be a valuable investment of time and effort that can pay off in many ways throughout your career.

Here’s a testimonial from a graduate student whom I helped turn her dissertation into a published book:


 “I decided to turn my dissertation into a published book in hopes of helping change how people deal with life and how they think about forgiveness. Writing this book on Why Forgiveness Is Important has opened up several opportunties. It has allowed me to speak at conferences, teach Bible studies, and speak at church events on Why Forgiveness Is Important. I’ve also been invited to conduct online classes. My book on forgiveness has helped others and myself forgive, heal, and grow in Christ.”

Barbara H. Cooks, Ph.D.

Phyllis Jenkins wrote this article. She is a book coach, Powerful Journey Publishing Company founder, Business Mentor, Podcast Host, Author, and Interna1onal Speaker. 214.621.2802 email: [email protected]