Life balance, what is it?  Most people in this space see life as having several pillars and balance is when those pillars are in sync and there is no one pillar that overwhelms you in any way.  When these pillars are in sync, it defines wellness.  For example, if you spend the majority of your life at work, other areas of your life might need attention.  Working so much may have caused you to ignore your health, family, or friends.

This is where the wheel of life can help. The Wheel of Life is a tool often used in life coaching that gives you a representation of several areas of your life. This representation tells you whether your life is out of balance.

While I don’t necessarily believe in work-life balance, I do believe that you need to create a more mindful connection with the routines of your life.  For me, the routines of life occur in the following seven areas of life: faith, family, fitness, finances, friends and fun, career, and personal development.

The wheel of life comes with several questions in each area of life where you rate how well you are doing in each area.  Once you rate yourself, you connect the dots around the axle that forms the center of the wheel of life.  If, when you connect the dots, you get a circular form, you are in a state of wellness.  If, however, it does not form a wheel, you can guess what happens.  Wheels, when out of balance, do not roll correctly and put you in jeopardy.

By understanding how you are doing in each of these seven areas, you can identify what steps you need to take in order to live a life of wellness and balance.  Is your life in balance?  Would you like to examine where you are?  Contact a life coach at  We would be very happy to take you through the exercise.