As an academic and life coach, I hear these words quite often.  From Ph.D. students to life coaching clients, they seem to be more and more fearful of moving forward—whether it is a response to the pandemic, the current economic environment, or the current social environment, I don’t know, but my clients feel stuck!

Feeling stuck is more about the feeling than it is about actually being stuck.  When a client says they feel stuck, I know they have shut down and have bought into the feeling of being stuck.  This is why they cannot move forward.

But the truth of the matter is this: they are the ones creating that belief system. It is coming from inside them and they are choosing to let those feelings negatively affect them.  It is when they decide not to let those feelings affect them that they will be able to move on.  It comes down to how they react to those feelings.  The situation they are in doesn’t change but their reaction to it does. This changes how they think.  As Zig Ziglar used to say, they are stuck in ‘stinkin’ thinkin’”.

When they become aware of their stinkin’ thinkin’, that awareness gives them the opportunity to change their thinking.  This results in more clarity about the situation and an ability to move beyond the situation.

So, think about it.  Are you stuck in stinkin’ thinkin’? If you are, then change it.  That will do more to move you forward than anything else. When they realize they can control their feelings, the mire of what they thought they were stuck in disappears and they can move forward. If you are having problems getting unstuck, contact me at